Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tassie home

Well hi people where have i been can,t believe its been a few years since my last post. But it has back from my beloved Thailand and once again living in my other place I like to call home Tasmania.

Lot has happened since my last post . Moved back to Tasmania at first renting a small flat for accommodation did that for a year. Started Garden Services Tasmania (GST) a play on the gst tax we have here in Australia.
So back doing what I started doing many years ago in the same State basic gardening for those whom haven,t got the time or expertise.

Whilst I still love gardening I do only a little now of other peoples gardens as I have managed to buy my own piece of paradise after such a long time renting and paying off some one elses mortgage I now can work on my own property.

Having purchased a run down property of a small miners cottage in great disrepair circa 1890s with some two and a half acres of river flats to go with it in the small town of Branxholm North Eastern Tasmania.

 As can be seen by photo it needed a lot of loving when I first acquired it.So there is my project for the next few years or so. I am up to the challenge of course so after my lease ran out in June 2013 I moved to my new abode albeit with draughts a plenty ,possums residing in it and no bathroom facilities or water inside house just a basic shell really and just a bit better than camping at least for the first few weeks.

The property was purchased for a number of reasons one wanting my own place and two wanting to grow vegetables and herbs for sale. As i could see the potential in the house and the land was good for growing things.

Things have progressed rather well in the space of one year I now have bathroom facilities with shower ,toilet etc in a lovely sized bathroom all painted and installed by my self and using recycled materials bought cheaply via my favourite online site Gumtree only buying new if needed.

The bathroom finished was able get onto the other areas of the house have painted the small lounge room installed a wood heater although will have to pull it back out after this winter to refurbish the hearth and get it level is a bit  out of plumb at the moment although functional.
My own bedroom have painted the walls and installed bigger windows on one side and retained the original front windows as i didn,t want to disturb the authenticity of the original building facade.

Again these were second hand windows bought three from a tip shop two i have used in the two bigger bedrooms mine and second one to let more light in and brighten the old house to this end it worked well.Third on will be used in my glass house using second hand windows which i got for free off Gumtree.More on that later as i am still building that and waiting for some extra muscle to place the windows in to my posts . But a good way of using recycled windows for horticulture activities.

My office area is done painted and very functional room with telephone connected which the house didn't have before ,plus some carpet which i got for free off a gardening customer cleaned up it was right at home here. 
Curtains made by myself good thing i know how to use sewing machine watching ex wife and others over the years helped there.

Well that some of the house details more to come but whilst doing Reno still needed to find some way of making a living . Hence a start on Pop,s Garden a concept of growing vegetables and herbs and Asian greens for sale to busy Mums  Chefs and the Restaurant trade growing Heirloom plants and the unusual varieties.
What a challenge herbs grow very well here so do vegetables if i can keep possums out and the wallabies. Climatic conditions have been a learning curve as frosts are severe and wet soil conditions horrendous.So it was a definitely trail and error for the last growing season . Will list some of my success's and failures next post keep tuned Steve Barratt